Goodbye Russina

PR & CH Mammgårdens Rex Russina

Black Cornish Rex 1998 - 2005

It happened so quickly and so unexpected, but now You are in the other side of the Rainbowbridge.
You our dear, please sleep tight.


Goodbye Lillis

EC & EP  Kazimirez Konvalj

Blacktortie Cornish Rex 1992 - 2004


EC & EP  Kazimirez Konvalj
1992 10 13 - 2004 06 08

Hello Lillis!
You are the best - I miss you - I love you.
Why do you have to bee sick?
Me and my mom we loved you - you were the best cat.
I love you.
Do you remember when you were a kitten and I carried you
and you slept in my bed?
Why, why, why do you have to bee sick and why do you have to die?
I cried in an hour.
When mom and dad came home I asked: Where is Lillis?
Mom and dad told me that you where gone.

Lillis I love you.
I miss you very much.
You are the cutest of them all.

Wrote by Jessica Olsson, 10½ years old


Goodbye Ollie

Enebackens Oliver

Enebackens Oliver

Norwegian Forest Cat
NFO n 22
1987 - 2003

© Copyright Mammgårdens Cornish Rex 2002-2007